Travel to Your Location

This information is provided for organizations whose leadership is contemplating training at their location for the purpose of establishing a Sozo ministry or need additional training for an existing ministry.

If the travel time is over 6 hours, there will be the need to purchase airplane tickets for one or two teachers. The airplane tickets will be purchased for flying out of Toronto, Ontario. Housing is expected for the one or two teachers and that requires two separate motel/hotel rooms. Meals will also be provided by the host church or organization.

Any Sozo team members who wish to travel with the teachers will be responsible for the cost of their airplane tickets.

If the travel time is less then 6 hours, the team will travel by private cars. The church or organization is responsible for cost of transportation.

Private housing and meals is required for the entire Sozo team in either situation. If there is a maximum number of team members who may come because of housing limitations, please include that information on the Travel Request Form. If the team flies and the training is not at the same location where they are housed, transportation will need to be provided. The Sozo team members will be with the teachers from breakfast until bedtime.

Our team members can provide personal ministry for individuals who wish a personal Sozo appointment. Your team members (1 or 2) can sit in during these personal ministry sessions for the purpose of gaining experience provided that the one receiving ministry does not mind.. In that case, travel days will be Wednesday, ministry times will be Thursday at 9am, 11:30pm and 2pm, 430pm and 7pm. Friday at  9am, 11:30pm, 2pm and 7pm. Saturday at 9am, 11:30am, and 2pm.

These personal Sozo sessions are recommended for those in leadership, those interested in leadership of the Sozo ministry or other individuals. There is a fee of $75 per personal ministry session. This fee may be paid by the individual at the session or by the host in one lump sum.

The seminar is held on Friday from 7 pm to 9 pm and on Saturday from 9 am to about 5 pm. (Options may be discussed for ministry and training times.)

We will travel home on Sunday.

Charging for the seminar:

It is up to the host to decide how much to charge to the training. We have seen people charge anywhere from $20 to $150. Most hosts will use part of the money that comes from registrations to pay for the expenses of bringing in the Sozo team.

There is a cost of $20.00 for each Sozo training manual and each must have one.

We are requesting a minimum of 50 registered (exceptions are be possible) attendees for our seminars with a love offering or honorarium.

Some suggested methods for charging for attendees:

  • charging for the seminar and a separate charge for the manual
  • charging for the seminar with the manual included
  • charging for the manual only

Typical Schedule:
7pm-9pm: Welcome, Introduction, Forgiveness

9am-noon: Sozo Tools
noon-130pm: Lunch
130pm-5pm: Sozo Tools

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